Stray Thoughts 2019 Volume 2 Spring 2019 Newsletter_Digital - Page 6

Stray Thoughts Spring 2019 Volunteer Spotlight T he morning cat volunteers scrub, scoop, and freshen up the living areas for the 60 cats at WSHS. There’s a lot to accomplish and the Tuesday and Thursday morning crew has their routine down to a science. On Tuesdays, Melanie Zimmer, Brianna Loerop, Tracy Tureson, and Kris Foster take care of the house cats while Joni Kasik and Sarah Moylan take care of the cattery. On Thursdays, the ladies change it up when Penny Derer joins Joni, Sarah and Kris in house cats and Melanie and Brianna move into the cattery. videotaping dogs and cats to increase their chances of adoption. She has made over 150 videos and worked with countless animal lovers, hearing all of their stories. Kris Foster has been volunteering at WSHS for 12 years. If you don’t find her with the cats, she’s probably tending to the flower beds, filling the bird feeders, catching up on laundry, or restocking supplies. Kris also trains new cat volunteers, is instrumental to our plant sale, and provides a loving home for foster cats. Melanie and Brianna have been working together for eight years. They say cleaning can be gratifying. Melanie and Brianna enjoy each other’s company as much as they enjoy the cats. Melanie also has a passion for adoptions so she stays for each day’s showing shift. Tracy is the newest member of this dynamo team. She loves cats and certainly found a way to be around them as much as she can. Tracy is also here on Wednesdays, when she takes care of the kittens in the morning and then heads over to the cattery for the afternoon. Joni and Sarah have been teaming up for three years. Both Joni and Sarah love getting to know the new cats. Joni says that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing “newcomer cats that are withdrawn and scared come out of their shells.” Sarah cherishes her interaction with Canoodle who used to be very shy and scared of Sarah. Now, Canoodle and Sarah share a special bond. When asked about their shifts, these women used the words, “respect, trust, friendship, and fun.” Sarah summed it up by saying, “There are so many great stories I have with these ladies. We have fun and most importantly we love these cats.” Penny mentioned that there can be challenges working with many people in a small space, but they always remember to laugh. Penny’s favorite story is when one of them lost her keys. “We were pretty sure they fell in the garbage, which had already been thrown in the dumpster. We went out to lunch, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and then went back to search the dumpster. It was gross, but we did find the keys, and laughed the whole time!” Penny was interested in volunteering with either dogs or cats when she retired. She started on a cat shift and has stayed for 11 years! Penny loves the shelter community and believes “the shelter is the perfect place to practice patience and kindness.” Penny also donates her time by Upcoming Events May June 4th, Saturday Visit out booth at Tails on the Trails at The Morton Arboretum. We’ll be there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1st, Saturday Look for the WSHS float at the LaGrange Pet Parade! 8th, Saturday Shred 4 Rescues Event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Citadel Information Mgmt., 827 Blackhawk Drive in Westmont. 10th, Friday – 11th, Saturday Petals for Pets Plant Sale. More information on page 8. 29th, Saturday Check out our booth at Cantigny Dog Days! We will be there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 18th, Saturday Join us on at 3 p.m. at the Bolingbrook Promenade as we participate in their annual Pet Parade. July 27th, Monday Memorial Day. WSHS will be closed today. 4th, Thursday WSHS will be closed today. 6