Stray Thoughts 2019 Volume 2 Spring 2019 Newsletter_Digital - Page 3

Donate today online at Ready for a Home Dave Male | 1 year old | Shepherd Mix Hey, everyone, I’m Dave! Watch me as I wiggle my whole body when greeting people. I love everyone, even though I’m a sensitive guy. I get amped up while playing but loud or surprising noises startle me! They tell me my play style is too rough for a cat. I’m friendly and funny and once I get more confidence, nothing will stop me! If I get yelled at or kids are loud around me, I get scared and run for the hills (or under the nearest coffee table). If I can go to obedience classes, and get around other people and dogs, that will be the boost of confidence I need. Until then, if I live with kids, they must be at least 14. The reason is that I might just take a yummy cookie or a sandwich right out of their hand! Come play with me and bring your dog if you have one. We’ll have a great time! Ebony Female | 1.6 years old | Retriever Mix Hi, I’m Ebony! I am an energetic wire haired girl! I have a lot of energy so I need to live with someone that has an active lifestyle. I am young and still learning how to walk on leash. I tend to pull and can be over excited when I see other dogs. Training classes would help me learn how to walk on leash, be around other dogs and bond with you! I do bark some when I am in the kennel so I should not live in an apartment, townhome or condo. I love to play with my squeaky toy and I do the super cute head tilt when I’m interested in something. I can get a little mouthy when I’m bored or want to get your attention. I respond quickly to corrections and am anxious to learn more. I tried to chase the cat I met so I really shouldn’t live with one and I can’t live with a dog because I am still learning. I also need to learn how to introduce myself to an- other dog more calmly. Training classes would help with this. Due to my energy and play style, I need to live with kids 10+ years old. Patch Male | 4.6 years old | Grey and White Patch is a super sweet guy. He can be shy at first but warms up quickly and loves to be scratched under his chin. Patch is a big guy and could lose some weight. He can be lazy and might need some encouragement to play. Due to his size and age we would not want him to be declawed. He was surrendered to us with his brother Spot. They like each other but are not necessarily a bonded pair. Recently, we have discovered that Patch must live with another friendly cat and would likely be okay with a very cat friendly dog (not required to live with a dog, though). Patch would do well living in most any situation. Due to his shyness at first if he lives with younger kids they should be aware that he may not want to be picked up and carried around. Patch will most likely want to just hang out on the couch! Spot Male | 4.6 years old | White and Black Hi, I’m Spot! I was found by a shelter volunteer and I stayed with her until I was ready for adoption. I know all my manners and use my litter box perfectly. One of my favorite things to do is wrestle with my brother. We really play hard! I like toys, too. The more, the better. I’m just a fun guy looking for a good time – can you give it to me? 3