Stray Thoughts 2016 Volume 4 - Page 8

Stray Thoughts Fall 2016 Volunteer Spotlight Our New Fundraiser! ammy Simms started volunteering at WSHS so long ago she can’t remember a time when she didn’t work at the shelter. The Saturday morning cattery volunteer began working here in the late 1980s and other than some time off when her sons were born, she hasn’t missed a shift. “I really enjoy spending time with the cats and helping the animals while they wait for a home; giving them the time and attention that they deserve,” she said. “It’s also rewarding to spend time with some of the cats with special needs and work with them to become better socialized and more adoptable.” Thank you for your continued support for the West Suburban Humane Society. We are excited to announce that we will be participating in a pilot program with Fundinco as they test out a brand new concept called the Fundinco Marketplace. This new way to fundraise allows our supporters to sell products or services and the proceeds go back to us – it really is that simple! T Tammy works with Sandy and Brian Prioletti, both of whom started volunteering in 2013. Sandy also subs for house cats and helps work special events, as does Tammy. Stephanie works with them Saturday mornings as well. Sandy and Brian started out with WSHS as adopters, taking home two cats from a “fruit litter” all named after different fruits. “We thought they were both girls but afterward the vet told us we had a boy and girl – which ended up working out great,” Sandy said. “We couldn’t agree on different names so they stayed Grapefruit and Strawberry. People think a cat named Grapefruit is pretty funny.” Their shift is staggered, with each volunteering at a different time to maximize the amount of work they can get done. “Stephanie Aquirre comes in really early and does feeding and starts the cleaning,” Tammy said. “I come in a bit after her and continue. Then Sandy and Brian come in before opening and do what needs to be done to get the cattery looking its best. I think we do a good job because we have many people but because we’re not all there at once it’s not crowded. We each seem to be good at noticing the different things that need to be done.” All have other volunteer interests: Tammy is in a book club and has a dog she adopted from WSHS; Sandy works at the Morton Arboretum, Steppenwolf Theater and plays golf; Brian does marching band, pep band and symphonic band, theater crew and film club. But they all enjoy working with the animals and learning about them. “Each animal has a unique personality,” Sandy said. “We appreciate that this is a no-kill shelter and the cageless cattery gives the cats the opportunity to roam around. There are so many wonderful animals available for adoption.” 8 How can you help? Do you have products (new or used) or services that you would be willing to sell on behalf of our organization? If so, we’d love to see how this works and get them posted up on the Fundinco Marketplace. Follow the steps below to get started, it only takes a minute! 1. Visit 2. Set up your Fundinco Marketplace account by clicking on the “Register” link at the top 3. Post some items for sale on our behalf – think of the following ideas: • Clean out those closets! • Unused pair of tickets to the game? • Vacation rental home for the weekend • Accounting services • Gift cards to the local movie theater 4. Purchase an item and make a difference to us! Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate everything you do to make a difference for WSHS!