Stray Thoughts 2016 Volume 2

Stray Thoughts News, Events & Adoption Information Spring 2016 Inside Page 3: Our Transition to a Digital Newsletter is in Progress! Laughs for lives Event Page 4: Petals for Pets Page 5: Ready for a Home Page 6: Ask the Trainer Page 7: Pet Watch with Dr. Main Emails & Letters Page 8 – 9: Hearty Thanks! Page 10: Volunteer Spotlight Vehicle Donation Program Page 11 – 12: Barkapolooza Stray Thoughts is an official publication of the West Suburban Humane Society, a not-for-profit, volunteerbased animal shelter. No city, state, or federal funds support WSHS. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please call (630) 9609600, ext. 25 to submit articles or receive donation information. Adoption Center: 1901 W. Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515 E-mail Address: Phone: (630) 960-9600 Fax: (630) 960-9604 The Eyes of a Miracle T he text message came in late at night from one of our rescue partners: “These two cats are at a very rural rescue and will never get out. They need help. They are siblings, about a year old and one had to have both of her eyes removed but that does not stop her from being incredibly sweet and outgoing. They love each other…” Of course we said yes. We know WSHS adopters and supporters have the biggest hearts and are willing to take on special needs pets. Countless cats and dogs with life-long medical conditions have passed through WSHS and time after time we witness the miracle of someone stepping up for them. To open your home and your heart to disabled pets is not only selfless, it is a gift to the animals and to WSHS. As much as we try, we cannot fix them all. Some conditions are permanent, like Wonder’s. We can’t give her sight back to her. If only she had come to us when she still had eyes. We have so much confidence in our veterinarians, we can’t help but think they could have saved Wonder’s eyes. But no looking back. What’s done is done and we must give Stevie and Wonder a way to move forward. The first step was coming to WSHS where they will be embraced as part of our family. They will be doted on by staff and volunteers while preparing for adoption. Stevie is an attentive brother and looks out for Wonder. From the first moment, after a long transport with dogs and cats alike, Wonder has been the sweetest, most gentle girl you could ever meet. She is immediately friendly and accepting of all kinds of handling. She doesn’t mind being held, which is a wonder in itself. Imagine if you had no sight and suddenly you are in a moving vehicle with strange animals and smells. You are terrified the others will attack you because you have no way of knowing each is safely separated. Continued on page 2