Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 98

BY ANITA RAFAEL PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY HUBERT SCHRIEBL Deep in the Dell Is Dellwood Cemetery historic Manchester’s most romantic landscape? The story of Dellwood Cemetery on Main Street in Manchester Village begins with the story of what happened to another older burial ground that was established in the earliest years of the town’s settlement. The oldest headstones that are now in Dellwood stood someplace else long before this beautiful 19th-century cemetery was designed. It is possible that there are only a handful of local residents who know the true story of what lies below the basement of the Northshire’s Bennington County Courthouse, across from the historic Equinox Hotel. The land where the brick-built courthouse was built in 1822 was once a graveyard, and it holds a secret. 96 STRATTON MAGAZINE | WWW.STRATTON MAGAZINE.COM