Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 96

HOME WOOD YOU? Bob Gasperetti’s Yellow Birch Burl Coffee Table with Stump Base Vermont, and not infrequently from trees on his clients’ properties. “People will have a tree taken down, or their favorite apple tree has blown down, and they say, ‘I don’t want to see it chipped. You can take it.’” Recently, at the request of a long-time client, he built a custom cabinet made from old red pines that stood at Robert Frost’s Stone House in Shaftsbury, Vermont—just seedlings when Frost himself planted them in the 1920s. In the showroom Gasperetti displays a collection of “Frost Boxes” he has made, each signed and paired with a “What appeals to me is the physical beauty of wood—the color, the grain, the texture, and the tactile quality of it. My favorite wood to work with is whatever wood I am working on at the time. With every piece I make, I am especially particular about the finish, and its smoothness. I like to see people who cannot help but reach out to touch it and caress it.” –Bob Gasperetti 94 STRATTON MAGAZINE | WWW.STRATTON MAGAZINE.COM