Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 76

HOME LIGHTING THE WAY terry findeisen findeisen . architect . architect terry terry findeisen . architect contextual architecture architecture contextual contextual architecture projects beauty and place projects of of beauty and place projects of beauty and place 802 . 379 . 0515 802 . 379 . 0515 manchester village . vermont 802 . 379 . 0515 manchester village . vermont manchester village . vermont V E R M O N T H A N D M A D E L I G H T I N G Concealed LED fixtures create an interesting focal point on the back wall of Susan Brady’s kitchen. Reason two: they don’t just give you light; they also give you darkness. SM LT 1-W A D ESIGNS ESIGNS A UTHENTIC UTHENTIC D West Rupert, Vermont • 800 844-9416 The Mill Road West Rupert, Vermont 05776 (802) 394-7713 Fax (802)394-2422 74 STRATTON MAGAZINE | WWW.STRATTON MAGAZINE.COM Crazy, isn’t it? But it’s true—the job of a lighting designer is to create a scheme that illuminates your spaces, but also includes strategically planned shadows. Susan Brady is the principal of SBLD Studio, a New York firm with a reputation for designing architectural lighting systems for large and complex commercial projects both in the U.S. and internationally. In her Stratton Mountain home, designed by her husband who is an architect, the lighting plan she created for herself is a fraction of the complexity of say, a corporate office building or a luxury hotel, but it is no less impressive. She says, “I like to make a space Y[[[X]Y [H]H\[^Y\وY[˂]8&\ZH[]HZ[[\HB\\\ܙX]Y\ۈH][\B\[^Y\وZ[[܋]8&\