Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 74

LIGHTING THE WAY Reason one: they start with you, not the wiring. HELPING YOU MAKE YOUR DREAM HOME A REALITY SINCE 1986. Finest Selection of Flooring in the Northeast ~ Only a Short Drive Away Porcelain and Stone Tile • All Types of Wood Flooring Carpet • Area Rugs • Vinyl • Linoleum BENNINGTON HOUSE OF TILE AND CARPET 1267 Harwood Hill Road • Historic Route 7A • Bennington, Vermont 802 442-2494 • C AMARA S LATE P RODUCTS Committed to delivering a standard beyond our competitors’ abilities with excellent service and quality-valued product. • Roofing • Wall Cladding • Countertops • Flagstone • Flooring • Fieldstone For the finest quality slate products, look no further than Camara Slate. 963 South Main Street Fair Haven, VT 05743 72 STRATTON MAGAZINE | WWW.STRATTON MAGAZINE.COM 802-265-3200 “At the beginning of every project, I give the homeowner a survey, a page of questions, and if it’s a couple, I ask each person to write their responses separately,” says Tim Mathiesen, a lighting designer from Brattleboro. He worked in theatre and concert production for many years before establishing himself in professional lighting design with a business he calls Brilliant!. By designing and installing stage lighting for live performances, he has learned more than most people about how the human eye perceives light and color and how that transforms a setting. The survey his clients complete asks homeowners for a few basic ideas, such as: What kind of mood or feeling do you want to create? Do you have a particular piece of artwork or treasured items that you want to display in the best light? Can you describe your ‘style’—Victorian? Art deco? Modern? Industrial? Traditional? Do you have sensitivity to some types of light? A lighting designer is not a salesperson who sells you fixtures, as many people assume. They guide you to the sources for the pendants, sconces, lamps, tracks, strips, and recessed lights that will give you the most effective illumination, while staying within your budget. Mathiesen says that one of the interesting things you can do by working with a lighting designer, even on a simple room makeover, is, for example, to ask that one feature in your home environment gets special attention by targeted illumination. He says, “If there is a limited lighting budget, a client can say to me, ‘I have this awesome sculpture that I inherited, and I want to make sure that it gets displayed well.’ So in that case, I would specify accent lighting that brings out its color or shape, or lighting that draws attention to the sculpture, and at the same time casts interesting shadows on the walls around it. Good lighting design makes the important things in a room stand out.” Hubbardton Forge mini-pendants light up Stratton’s Grizzly’s bar. HOME