Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 60

BEER AND BREWERIES Harpoon Brewery in Windsor Windsor We then headed north to Windsor to visit Harpoon Brewery. Originally built as an upgraded facility for Catamount Brewing Co., Harpoon’s Windsor location is about an hour north of Brattleboro just off I-91. The brewery was built in 1996, and still more than 20 years later it’s a must-see destination for any beer lover. The brewery offers great beer, a well- groomed café menu, an eye-catching taproom, and most notably for Sheila and me on the afternoon of our visit, a huge array of lawn games for people of all ages. The Windsor facility holds the distinction of being an integral part of Vermont’s original craft beer history. As mentioned, Catamount Brewing Co. was among the pioneers in the current craft beer revolution, being one of the first microbreweries to open on the 58 STRATTON MAGAZINE | WWW.STRATTON MAGAZINE.COM East Coast around the same time as Samuel Adams (now The Boston Beer Co.) of Massachusetts and D.L. Geary’s of Maine. Unfortunately the craft beer business changed in the late 1990s, forcing Catamount Brewing to sell their stake in the industry. But luckily Boston- based Harpoon Brewery was looking to expand their production at that time and expansion in downtown Boston was proving difficult. Windsor, Vermont turned out to be the perfect spot for them. Today, roughly one-third of their total production is brewed in the Windsor facility while the other two-thirds is still produced in their Boston faci