Stratton Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 21

SKYLER NUPP all things underthings What’s in your cup? Women’s Foundations Sleepwear Bras + Bra Fitting Lingerie Find your joy Peru’s J.J. Hapgood General Store, featured in the film, underwent major renovations in 2013. completely. The Grange Hall in Manchester, which was used for a romantic barn dance scene with Keaton and Shepard, was gutted and turned into apartments. The rustic J.J. Hapgood General Store located in Peru was renovated in 2013 and transformed into a trendy specialty provisions shop that sells organic coffee, local craft beer, charcuterie, wood-fired pizzas, and fine wines. The many retail outlets that now attract tourists to Manchester didn’t exist when the film was made three decades ago, nor did the luxury condos, boutique shops, hotels, and restaurants. Bill Aupperlee, who worked at the Dorset Theater at the time, was an extra in the dance scene and worked as a location scout on the film. “Most of the locations that were chosen for the film no longer exist or are not recognizable,” Aupperlee said. “Don’t get me wrong, the idyllic Vermont world that Diane Keaton’s ‘J.C.’ escaped to in Baby Boom still exists. You may just have to look a little harder to find it.” In the movie, J.C. sees a farmhouse in a magazine ad and buys it without ever having visited. Many of the interior shots 4732 Main St • Manchester Center, Vermont 802.362.BRAS Joy is wearing Love+Grace pajamas in cabbage patch rose ...made in the USA. F A LL 2 0 1 7 1 9