Strategies for Student Success 2015 - Page 8

Teachers Collaborate to Deliver Core Concepts All Day at Delano Fourth-grader J’Tyler Jones has a lot of information “That’s one thing that I love about Delano – the at his fingertips. way that we collaborate with each other. There’s not a separation between the support teachers He can list at length the programs he loves at and the classroom teachers,” said Ms. Williams. Delano Optional School in Memphis, the elemen- “We have a very close-knit family here. We suptary school winner of the 2015 SCORE Prize. And port each other 100 percent.” he can rattle off facts he picked up during his school’s lunch hour, like state capitals. This sort of cross-curricular academic collaboration is the standard at Delano. Core academic “I learned that Montana has a capital named material is integrated throughout the school day, Helena,” said J’Tyler. “Our teachers have high including enrichment classes like art, music, and expectations of us – learning and having good technology. Delano’s music teacher helps fourthbehavior.” and fifth-grade students with fractions by talking Delano’s lunch periods include a PowerPoint presentation running for students, featuring grade-level and school-wide memorization questions with facts and skills kids need to master for effective processing of classroom information. The presentations are put together by the school’s technology coordinator Sharren Williams. Ms. Williams works with classroom teachers to determine the content. 7 with students about half and quarter notes, challenging kids to add and subtract them. Students participating in advanced strings and chorus have academic concepts further reinforced, improving reading skills like rhyming words, poetry, and vocabulary. Elementary and intermediate students working on basic and geometric shapes see these concepts reinforced during their art blocks. Dela-