Strategies for Student Success 2015 - Page 31

Pride and Support Drive Outstanding Achievement at Covington High SchooL “I like what you said, but I’m not changing anything that I’m doing.” This sort of feedback should sound familiar to many educators. It’s what Cory Concus, a math teacher at 2015 SCORE Prize finalist Covington High School, initially heard from a fellow faculty member last year. At the time, Mr. Concus had just taken on an instructional coaching role at Covington, spending mornings in the classroom and afternoons working with colleagues to improve instruction. Thanks to Covington’s instructional coaching and collaborative process, the attitude changed quickly. Two weeks later, the reluctant colleague asked Mr. Concus for more information, then tried something new in his classroom – he spread a sheet of butcher paper across a corkboard and let kids plot out how they all solved math problems. Students found multiple methods and stepped in to help one another find faster paths. It became clear to the teacher that something powerful was happening: Students were learning how to think about the skill being taught, and how to articulate their processes. “He came and said, ‘You wouldn’t believe what happened in my class today,’” Mr. Concus recalls. 30