Strategic Plan - Programs Strat Plan Public Doc MIMEO - Page 7

7 ACHIEVING HEALTH EQUITY FOR ALL Strengthening Health Nonprofit Organizations, Programs, and Workforce W We believe that high -performing organizations delivering effective programs will achieve better health outcomes for clients, consumers, and patients. Strengthening health nonprofits, their programs, services, and their workforce is our philanthropic response to building accountable, transparent, and effective organizations throughout Georgia. Our strategic approach in this area will include opportunities for health nonprofits to benefit from direct funding as well as from direct technical support programs and services available regardless of funding status. Building Capacity for Better Results EmpowerHealth is a capacity building program to help health nonprofits strengthen their leadership and to improve their ability for their staff and Board to operate at an optimum level to provide better results to communities. We have partnered with TCC Group to implement EmpowerHealth and use TCC Group’s Core Capacity Assessment tool to identify the areas the organization needs to strengthen. Selected grantees participate in workshops that offer a supportive learning community.