Strategic Plan - Programs Strat Plan Public Doc MIMEO - Page 6

6 HEALTHCARE GEORGIA FOUNDATION Promoting Health and Preventing Disease Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease I In every Georgia community, there are social, cultural, and environmental conditions that impact residents’ health. Promoting health enables individuals and communities to increase control of the determinants of health and improve health outcomes. We are committed to preventing disease, not only reducing risk factors, but also slowing the progression and reducing the consequences of disease. We will direct our resources to community -based population health improvements with an emphasis on vulnerable and underserved individuals and communities. DIRECT SERVICES Direct Services can be described as the implementation of a particular program or service(s) carried out by a nonprofit to improve health outcomes among vulnerable populations and to ensure individuals have equitable access to affordable, quality healthcare. Examples include: implementing effective interventions to address cultural competence in the healthcare setting; educating individuals/populations on health disparities, and providing screening, early detection, and other preventive services.