Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 66

MCKEE INTERVIEWS DREW CAREY thing an actor can have. Once you let go of any kind of fear, or fear of judgment or anything like that, then you can do anything. So Wayne got up there and he just went crazy. He came over by my desk and danced. He grabbed one of the other performers and hugged them and danced all over them. It was just fantastic, and all you have to do is go for it 100%. You have to have the basic thing down there. We have a good profession for them to be, we have a good situation, and then the rest of it was just him going for it. So that’s the punch. He did all the punchlines, but we provided the groundwork. That’s the secret of Whose Line: we provided the groundwork for everybody in a really good way, and then all they had to do was go for it. RM: I have watched hundreds of hours of Whose Line is it Anyway? All those guys—Wayne, Ryan Stiles—it seems to me that it’s more than just letting themselves go. DC: Right, there is more to it. RM: They get into a great situation—that’s the setup. Then they’ve got to find variations on that theme somehow. I watch these guys and I think, “Where does this come from? DC: A lot of it is list-making. If you’re writing comedies, a lot of it is list-making. cent that was practicing making out with a girl. RM: What does that mean— list-making? Brad Sherwood had to do his bit, then Wayne Brady had to do his bit, and then Colin. So Ryan had all these minutes—he had like a minute and a half to think, “What would an awkward teenager do when he was practicing making out?” He did this move, and my arms aren’t long enough, but he reached around and did that. He went to kiss two cameras. He had like four or five faces, and that’s really all the bit was is he had to think of like three faces to make, three make out faces and three cameras to go to, and then turn around and change his voice. DC: Okay, I’m going to do and bit about, let’s say, rich rednecks. So you have the Beverly Hillbillies kind of rich rednecks. So you make a list: what kind of car would a rich redneck drive? You know, types of cars they would buy. They would have a Da