Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 63

MCKEE INTERVIEWS DREW CAREY obsession? DC: Yeah, mine was I had a strong sense of duty, and so it was always up to me to save things because nobody else would. RM: So the blindly nice? DC: I guess so. Bruce Helford, the guy I created the show with, talked to executives and he’d explain my character. He’d say I was a happy sack. I took this course once. This guy, Sam Chistin, said—it’s a really good requirement, I recommend it for any actor—your essences are things about you that only apply to you. He gives you these phrases to describe yourself, and one of the phrases that describes me was, “Gee, whitewashing the fence with those guys was really fun.” No matter how many people took advantage of me, I didn’t mind, and I said, “Well, I’ll just go get them tomorrow.” You could have a lot of fun with a character like that, and that’s really kind of what I want. RM: Yes, and then you surrounded yourself with some zanies in that sitcom—you could