Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 62

MCKEE INTERVIEWS DREW CAREY Of all the people that are guaranteed to go to heaven, why is the Pope worried about taking a bullet? What does he know that we don’t know? Why does he get the special protection? He’s the Pope, right? He’s clear. He should be walking down the street with his shirt off with no armor. We’re the ones that need the bulletproof glass until we make a good decision in our lives, but he’s got all this bulletproof glass. There’s a lot of stuff that about religion that bugs me. On a desert island, I would take religion. If we were in a city somewhere, in an apartment, I could go against the local government. DC: My whole life, I’ve always hated rich people. Now that I’m rich… RM: You see the other side of it. DC: Yeah. I still think, “What are you complaining about?” When I hear rich people complain about something, I think, “What? Shut up.” Every once in a while, I think, “Oh, that jerk that does blah blah,” and I realize I do the same thing all the time. That jerk with the big car, and I drive a Lexus. But my day-today car is a Mini Cooper, because it’s easier to park in LA. The big car just drives me crazy. RM: But you’re still driving yourself, as you said. really has to be jokes like you’re against the other and it’s exclusionary, which you can do. My friend Greg Proops makes fun of NASCAR people all the time. It’s great. But to get the bigger audience, it’s better if it’s something that bugs everybody. That brings me to this point here. The key to comedy, or the key to a comic character, is what I call a blind obsession. DC: Yeah. RM: They’re driven toward something, but they just don’t see it in themselves. DC: Yeah. RM: Suppose I asked you to work, like you were airing a sitcom, and we wanted to go after a certain kind of personality. Not an institution, but an individual. Here’s a choice: rich people, rednecks, arrogant people, dimwitted stupid people, and wannabe intellectuals. DC: Oh, you got me in there, that’s good. Way to define Drew. Well, rich people would be kind of easy. But rich people aren’t always bad. It would have to be rich and arrogant. You would have to give them another trait. Some rich people do a lot of good. RM: Did you always think that rich people…? DC: Yeah, of course. The traffic in this town sucks, but the Mini Cooper makes it more bearable because you can swing in and out easier, and if somebody scratches it, it’s no big deal. If somebody cuts me off, I think, “Who do you think you are with your big car? You think you’re better than me because I have a Mini Cooper?” I go right back to being in Cleveland again with my crappy car when somebody would cut me off. It’s great. RM: Arrogance is good. The redneck would have to be redneck and stupid. If it’s just a redneck who is simple and has good values and likes NASCAR, then it Story Magazine // Issue 005 RM: What you’re saying is that if you’re going to nail one of these personality traits, it’s got to be combined with something that is obsessive and… DC: Yeah, like with the NASCAR fan, if that’s all they care about and they’re just spilling beer on you, saying, “Get out of my way; I can’t see my wife today because I’m watching this sport.” You can do the same thing with football fans or any sport guy that just ignores his family for the sport, and is really obnoxious about it. RM: When you were doing The Drew Carey Show for nine years, did your character have a blind