Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 6

CONTENTS: STAGE 32 HAPPY WRITER SPOTLIGHT Learn how membership with Stage 32 has helped one screenwriter make a career for himself. CHARACTER CREATION: PART 4, BUILD A COMPLEX CHARACTER AROUND A NEED In his ongoing series on character creation, Robert McKee explains how a character’s need will affect the character’s choices. ROBERT MCKEE ON DIALOGUE, TRIALOGUE EXAMPLE: THE GREAT GATSBY In this installment of his series on Dialogue, Robert McKee shows us how F. Scott Fitzgerald expertly uses the third thing to dramatize a spousal conflict. FILM REVIEW: STEPHEN CHOW’S JOURNEY TO THE WEST: PART 2 Robert McKee explains the ways Stephen Chow hits and misses the mark. ROBERT MCKEE INTERVIEWS RUSSELL BRAND ON COMEDY: PART 2 McKee and Brand discuss the origins of comedy in part 2 of this interview series. ROBERT MCKEE INTERVIEWS STEVEN PRESSFIELD : PART 3 In this final part of Robert McKee’s interview with Steven Pressfield, we learn about the genesis of Pressfield’s beliefs on war – its inevitability and virtues. YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY : FORM OVER FORMULA Shawn Coyne tells a story that illustrates the best example yet of why form beats formula every single time. ROBERT MCKEE INTERVIEWS ONE-MAN SHOW LEGEND MARK WHITNEY : PART 1 Mark Whitney occupies a unique place in the world. As a successful entrepreneur with a oneof-a-kind background (including a jail stint) he decided to undertake to become a life performer. Mark is a keen student of the human experience and writes the truth into his live shows. ROBERT MCKEE INTERVIEWS COMEDIC LEGEND DREW CAREY: PART 1 Robert McKee and Drew Carey discuss what makes a good joke, the structure of a joke, and some of Mr. Carey’s comedic challenges. HOW HOLLYWOOD WORKS, PRODUCERS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY In this month’s exploration of the inner workings of Hollywood, Ed Saxon explains how producers think. ASK ROBERT MCKEE In this edition of Ask McKee, we learn why unknown writers should try to sell a whole screenplay, not just a treatment. Story Magazine // Issue 005