Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 52

MCKEE INTERVIEWS STEVEN PRESSFIELD Part 3 In this final part of Robert McKee’s interview with Steven Pressfield, we learn about the genesis of Pressfield’s beliefs on war – its inevitability and virtues. Robert McKee: There is a third-person choice, which is not to be omniscient. of view, but also gives you access to their thoughts and even their unconscious thoughts that they could not articulate. SP: Right. son. So, when you’re in first person, which is your choice at the way you do it, and how much access to the mind does that give you and how much access do you want to the inner life? RM: That’s the limited third person that pretends to be first per- SP: I’m not that interested in the inner life. I’m not like a Kafka type and Steven Pressfield: Yes. RM: To see it over the shoulder of your point of view character, gives you that character’s point Story Magazine // Issue 005