Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 49

FILM REVIEW As technology and special effects have advanced so incredibly, anything—any image imaginable— can now be created. Therefore, when special effects are brilliant, they are a triumph for the imagination. Mr. Stephen Chow has created wonderful scenes, from the fish demon at the beginning to the pig demon through to the climax of a monkey king, with brilliantly imaginative imagery that is very well produced. The hero's quest toward love and achieving a greater love, and not the lesser or romantic love, is very well portrayed until toward the end when Mr. Chow decided to stop dramatizing his meaning and explain it instead. The climax of the Buddhist’s triumph over the monkey king was predictable, because we know that in the ethos of this film, or most of the world, we believe that good will triumph over evil. At the end of the film comes a rather tedious explanation that there is no such thing as a higher love and lesser love; that all love is love. Becaus