Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 37

MCKEE INTERVIEWS MARK WHITNEY name in a hat. If you’re lucky, you can get three minutes, and that’s the world of stand-up comedy. You get up there, and by the time you said, “Hello, my name is Mark,” it’s time to get off the stage. It’s where comedy goes to die, and God help you if you kill during that three minutes because the other comedians will not talk to you. That’s the kind of awful, poisonous culture that exists in the stand-up comedy clubs in southern California, because they ’re sitting there thinking, “That guy is funny. He’s going to get the sitcom I’m not going to get.” It’s like, well you’re not getting a sitcom and I’m not getting a sitcom, so we’re meant to be doing this to discover a bigger truth and communicate that and to have a conversation with the audience. I go from that, and one of the people that had a big influence on me, who is the opposite of that, is Curtis Matthews at the San Francisco Comedy College. San Francisco has a very different environment than the comedy scene down in San Diego. San Francisco is all “Kumbayah” with everybody supporting everybody. It’s very Robin Williams. It’s intelligent and it’s smart. The smarter you are, the better, the more everybody likes it and the better you do. The people are patting you on the back. They understand tha Ё