Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 30

MCKEE INTERVIEWS MARK WHITNEY ever seen. He looks like the guy everybody stole the lunch money from in high school and spent a lot of time being shaken upside down by his ankles. He walks out and he sits down at a table with a three-ring binder and reads his show to the audience! RM: Really? MW: Yes! He doesn’t even know enough—he’s not well-versed enough on the stage to know to look left and right. I’m thinking he must be right-handed because he would only look to the right. He’d look straight, and now and then he’d look off to the right, but he’s reading this story and it’s hilarious. RM: Yes. MW: It goes for half an hour but feels like thirty seconds. The audience is on their feet and he wins the one-person show competition at the HBO Comedy Fest! I’m sitting there watching this guy, and I was like, “You know, if you get off your ass, and walk around a little and use some hand gestures, you really have something here.” Well, his name is Rick Cleveland. RM: Ah! MW: He writes with Aaron Sorkin. RM: Yes. MW: He’s an accomplished writer. RM: Yes. MW: I got in touch with him through his agent, Creative Artists, and we went and I bought him a nice lunch in Beverly Hills. The first thing I wanted to know is: Was it a true story? He tells a story. It’s called My Buddy Bill, and he tells a story about how he and the writing staff of West Wing visited Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. Buddy the dog came in and piddled on the rug, and Rick who has a “way with dogs”