Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 2

FADE IN: WELCOME LETTER - MARCH What do Drew Carey, Russell Brand, and Mark Whitney all have in common? They make people laugh. This angry art – famous for its difficulty in execution – is the focus of this month’s issue. Put all of this alongside the ongoing lessons on Dialogue and Character from Robert McKee, and you will find yourself full of story knowledge for another month. Write the Truth, Zander Robertson & Matthew Lutz Drew Carey – is there a more down-toearth master comedian on earth? We think not, and McKee’s interview with Carey will make you fall in love with him if indeed you haven’t done so yet. Russell Brand’s strange and wonderful comedic mind paired with McKee’s sharp insights will also continues to amaze this month, and while Mark Whitney may not be as much of a household name as the other two, he is a true student and master of the storytelling craft – as one must be to stand on stage for an hour, telling a riveting and hilarious story to a live audience. Robert McKee knows the craft as no one else alive, and you’ll find his interviews with these three masters to be illuminating, inspiring, and deep. We don’t stop with the comedians, though. In addition, we have another installment with Steven Pressfield – an interview that features so many insights into Pressfield’s world-class process we lost count long ago. Also, Shawn Coyne tells us the story of a novel writer who continues to shoot herself in the foot by trying to fit her novel into a formula rather than disciplining herself to master the form. Story Magazine // Issue 005 Zander Robertson Editor-in-Chief Matthew Lütz Creative & Editorial Director