Story – Robert McKee's Creative Storytelling Magazine Issue 005 – Drew Carey - Page 19

MCKEE INTERVIEWS RUSSELL BRAND them as a starting point. I researched those four areas. Anything that I thought was funny, I made a note of. Then I did shows in front of small audiences where I talked about the things that I thought were humorous. Anything that sort of got laughed at, I would put to one side. Anything that didn’t, unless I was really certain there was something in it, I would let go. RM: So you had an outline. Was the outline just in your head, or did you sit… Malcolm X are both religious, so there’s sort of a connection there, but I won’t impose. I don’t say, “No, that’s the only way.” I’m open to the idea of changing. The theme is something I won’t fuck with, if I know what the theme is. We all have the capacity to be great. We all have the capacity for heroism, and we have more of a chance of achieving that if we focus on heroism. That won’t change, and that’s sort of a guiding principle. RB: I work mostly with bullet points, but there’s not a structure at this point. I don’t have a climax or anything like that. I just know, “Here is a list of things I think are funny, and here are ways that they may relate to one another.” But I don’t presume to know. I let the thing be what it’s going to be. RM: Right. I’m still trying to get it down to what is in your pocket when you walk out on stage. You’ve got these four characters, these four personages. You’ve done research, meaning you’ve read up on them or looked at Gandhi in the magnitudes and him giving speeches or whatever you did. Do you take notes, physical notes, out of that research? RM: Okay, we’re getting mystical now, let the thing be what it wants to be. RB: Yes. RB: Well, if I sort of say, “I’m going to go talk about Gandhi because Gandhi was historical or first Jesus, and then Gandhi.” I don’t say it is going to work chronologically. I can see there’s a similarity between Hitler, who was in the show also, and Che Guevara because they ’re both militant figures. I can see that Gandhi and RM: Does it ever get formalized on paper, or does it just go into your head and stay there? RB: I record the show ́