Stop Suffering ISSUE019 - Page 16

WOMEN Beauty in behaviour Did you know that behavior and elegance go hand in hand? It’s like diet and exercise. In the beginning it’s very difficult but once you get into the habit, it stops being a burden and becomes a hobby. The results are also very similar: You become more beautiful and full of charm! Etiquette may not be a very popular subject but it is extremely important for any woman who wants to be a reference in society. It gives us the benefits of ‘good education’ that includes, becoming much more pleasant. Learn about these daily etiquette tips: When you’re in an environment where everyone is concentrated, whether at school, church, the gym, cinema, theater, doctor’s office or any other place, always have your cell phone off or in silent mode. Never forget to use the words, ‘please’, ‘excuse me’, and ‘thank you’. Always greet people with at least a smile. Your shyness can literally make you seem unpleasant. Avoid chewing gum — it’s not elegant (did you know that gum is only to chew for a minute or two, just long enough to remove bad smell or taste?). Delays… lack of control, responsibility and respect for other people’s time. Be elegant not only in your gestures, speaking, walking but mostly in your character as a person, as a human being. Be conscious of respect, appreciation, limits, rules, dignity and what is not convenient. Once you have this habit every day, you will double your value as a woman — believe it! Godllywood is intended to recover forgotten values in female society, forming the best women in all aspects. Speak to the Pastor’s wife in your branch to get more information. STOP SUFFERING|16