STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2017, Volume 4, Issue 3 SEJ_3-2017_Online - Page 7

Dr Woelfel received awards for his comprehensive research activity by IADR, The Ohio Dental Association, The New York Prosthodontic Society, The British Prosthodontic Society and the Nihon University Dental Alumni Association. After his retirement in 1989, he and his wife, Marcile, took very long trips to China, South America, Costa Rica, many South Pacific islands, Europe, Africa, Madagascar, and last but not least Easter Island and Papua New Guinea. In 2001, upon my invitation as Secretary General of the Romanian Society of Stomatology, the second Romanian Society to be accepted as an FDI member, Dr Woelfel offered two free master classes. The audience, members of the Bucharest Society as well as the teaching staff of the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Bucharest appreciated the originality, scholarship and novelty of the two conferences on dental occlusion and dentures, Dr Woelfel's favorite topics. After the classes, Prof Dumitru David and I accompanied him and his wife Marcile on a two-day Dracula tours, the reason and support of his trip to Romania. On the way back to Bucharest we had Dr Woelfel and his wife Marcile as our guests for the Easter dinner in our villa, in Breaza, Prahova County, a villa which was returned to us after having been nationalized by the communist regime. I will always remember his unparalleled Christmas cards, the messages where he recollected the moments we spent together for the 2001 Easter and his annual news on his family. Professor Julian Woelfel will remain in our hearts as a legend, a living flame dedicated to his profession, offering with the utmost generosity fundamental contributions to the generations to come. Sincerely yours, M-V Constantinescu Editor-in-Chief DOI: 10.25241/stomaeduj.2017.4(3).edit.1 Stomatology Edu Journal 157