STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2017, Volume 4, Issue 3 SEJ_3-2017_Online - Page 6

Dr Julian B Woelfel: Farewell Emeritus Editor-in-Chief! Dr Julian B Woelfel December 17, 1925 - September 2, 2017 It was with a heavy heart that I learned from Marcile, Julian's wife about the unexpected, sudden death of Emeritus Editor- in-Chief of the Stomatology Edu Journal, Emeritus Professor Dr Julian Bradford Woelfel, on Saturday, September 2, 2017. On behalf of the editorial team of the Stomatology Edu Journal, of our more than 124,000 readers as well as the dental education community, our profound sympathy goes to his wife, Marcile, and their three sons. The world of dental science has lost one of its fundamental pillars, Dr Julian Bradford Woelfel, who has had a unique impact on dental education. Dr Julian Bradford Woelfel was a person of exceptional generosity, integrity and clairvoyance. He was the author of the Dental Anatomy, and recently the 9th edition of this very textbook has been published. Dr Woelfel’s book is widely used in US dental schools, for the US National Examination Board and for teaching worldwide. At his 90 years of age, in the Editorial addressed with utmost generosity to the readers of the Stomatology Edu Journal for its second 2016 issue, he shared with us his view of for a good practice, a view which was encapsulated in the very title of the Editorial, namely "Centric Relation: Didactic or Practical?" He is the holder of two patents for two inventions he gave to the Ohio State University. Dr Julian B. Woelfel graduated from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1948. He taught clinical dentistry at the same university as a professor for 40 years and had a private practice making dentures for a period of 32 years. He was a Life member of the American Dental Association and kept his Ohio dental license for 64 years. He was a veteran of the Korean War, serving as a captain in the US Army Dental Corps, in charge of the Army dental laboratory there for 2 years. As Research Associate he conducted research for the Ame &6FVF766FBFRF7FF&G2'W&VRv6wFB2f"GvV'2RFRFVGW&W2W6rFffW&VBFW&2F&R6W'FfVBf"W6RFRU2आRv2f6Fr&fW76"Bf&W2FVF662BF2'&2F2Fv2F2Vv@bF2BGW&WR'F6FVBVW&W2VWFw2b&fW7666WFW2BVB6fW&V6W2f&Vv6VG&W26VFrvW2&VBGW&W'Vv&B&Rw&FR&RF'F6W2B6FW'26WfVFVF&2&fW76"vVfV( 2&W6V&66fW&VBvFR'&VFbvVFvRvrg&F727V626VG&2r&VFFRVbvVvR&W76FW&2BFV6VW2Ff&VB66W666VW2FVGW&W2F'V"B6G"fVVBF&VPFV62FF'wBf6V7W&VVG2FW"F726VFVBF'V"fVVG2VrGVG26&62&WGvVVGvVfRFVGW&R&6RFW&2VV7G&זw&2Ǘ62bF'V"fVVG2BrFW&Ч6v2&W7B6FB6VG&266W66vW2vF6WFRFVGW&W2S`7FVGR#sB2SbSpGGwwr7FVGV6