STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2017, Volume 4, Issue 3 SEJ_3-2017_Online - Page 57

Questions Botulinum toxin is: qa. Hepatotoxin; qb. Neurotoxin; qc. Karcinogen; qd. Teratogen. Botulinum toxin is used in the Dentistry for treatment of: qa. Anodontia; qb. Dysgnatia; qc. Bruxism; qd. Myasthenia gravis. We have most aesthetic and medical indication to apply botulinumtoxin in the: qa. qb. qc. qd. Lateral pterygoideal muscle; M. Masseter; Internal pterygoideal muscle; M. Risorius. We can balance complicated muscular situation with the botulinum toxin in the case of: qa. qb. qc. qd. Myasthenia gravis; Bell`s palsy; Trigeminal neuropathy; Damage of n. Alveolaris inferior. Effective applications of botulinum toxin in dentistry and in head and neck surgery Greater New York Dental Meeting New York, New York 24 th - 29 th November, 2017 Stomatology Edu Journal 207