STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2017, Volume 4, Issue 3 SEJ_3-2017_Online - Page 10

Divas in Dentistry in Romania Hands-on section of the GDT Symposium In September 2017 (21-23), Dr Delia Tuttle DDS, MD organized the first dental symposium in Bucharest, Romania under the slogan “Divas in Dentistry“. The event was sponsored by Implant Direct (Danaher, USA), and was organized with the help of several Romanian doctors, among whom, Dr Florin-Eugen Constantinescu, Dr Bogdan Acatrinei, Dr Ioana Seciu and Dr Diana Ponoran. There were two days of lectures featuring presentations by Dr Tuttle on her “Gum Drop Technique” (GDT) and Dr Anna Luisa Bernotti (Periodontist from Venezuela) on her “V-Y Flap Technique”, followed by hands-on sessions where participants practiced on pig jaws. The participants in this course were fifty doctors from around the world, as well as stomatology students from the “Carol Davila” Faculty of Dental Medicine in Bucharest. The countries represented were Belgium, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, USA, Venezuela and, of course, Romania. The weekend ended with a cocktail gala which was attended by the participants and other notable guests from Bucharest and abroad, such as Prof Dr Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu DDS, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of the Stomatology Edu Journal and Dr Snježana Pohl DDS, MD, OMS and acclaimed international lecturer from Croatia. Dr Delia Tuttle DDS, MD, who was born and raised in Romania, near Cluj Napoca, where she graduated from the medical school (2000) as well as the dental school (2005) of the “Iuliu Hatieganu” University Cluj- Napoca, later emigrated to the USA and graduated from UCLA as a DDS (2009). She is the very heart of the Divas in Dentistry as the founder and moderator of the world wide social movement that brings together the fellowship of women in dentistry (as well as plenty of male supporters now) in order to enrich each other’s clinical abilities, encouraging and supporting each other thr YYX][ۈ\\˜[H\[^\Y[H[\H[XX[[X[\H\[][ۜˈ[Z[[\\]BX[YYXHݙ\YK\[ݙ[Y[\XY[ݙ\Hܛ][ܙH[ \™HHTK[YK]\K][[Y\XK[XKMHZYHX\[]\[XK]HX\\›ۈ\ٝ\YHX\]Y\[ܘ[[\[B\HX[Y[Y[[HTH[]\K][]][ۜ^[Y\[\XK]\[XKBZYHX\[][[Y\XK\X]\Y8'[B8'HX\]YH\H]Z[[X[H[\]Hٝ\YHܘY[\X X[[Z[[X[B[\]H[\[ۜ]\]]]\ Y[Y][]XX[KT[[XXH][]XX[KTHXY]Hݙ\YH[[\ݙB\YH[\KX[Hݙ\YHY\\]BY[\ܚXY[H]\]\H]\Z[YܙY\›وX\ˈ]][\ۛX]H\YHܘY[œ[XZ[H[\܈ݙ\YH[[ܙX\[\][^Y\YH\[]\[Y] \Y\K]\\]Z\\HXۙ\Bۛ܈]KX[XY[ܙX\YZ[[ܘY]K[[Z]][ۜ[\YH[]XY[܈[ X\ܘY[\YYY ٝ ]\YH[ܘY[X[Y]\\YJH[[ܘY [[X[\YJB[\]]\]HY[[XYݙ\YB\H[Z]][ۜ]H]\]\H\Y[۝ݙ\X[\Z\\]X[]H]]][\˜ۛX]H\YK[X[XܜX\ܛXܜ[Z[]HY[[XY\›܈X[][ۈY[[ܙX\H[X[[˜[X\]\ˈ[Y][ۋZ[[X[H[\]B\X[X\]Y\]HY[\Y]\[\›X]\X[[[][\XܙX\H\]]B\Yܝ \HX\]YH][\\\[وH]]H[Y]و[]][\Z[[X[B[\]K[[X[H[[Yٝ ]\YBY\\]H\[H\\][ۈX\]YBX\ۈY\]Y[\HX\[K][H\XBQ \X]Hٙ\܂X[Hو[[YYX[HوB'\][x'[]\]HوYYX[H[\XXB[X\\ X\\ X[XBN L L KXYYZ Mˍ K]ˌXHYH M N M˜XYYZ