Stillwater Survival Guide 2018 - Page 7

a locker room. Over there, it was the dorm room or the tent, so we’ve never had a real locker room. Honestly, if you had just given us a building with little metal lockers like a high school or something, I think we would’ve been like, “Oh, my goodness, this is awesome,” but they’re legit, like wood and your nameplate and a light in there. Q. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR STUDENTS, WHETHER IT’S NEW STUDENTS OR RETURNING STUDENTS, TO COME SUPPORT YOU ALL AT THE SOCCER GAMES? A. It’s the most amazing thing. Whenever you’re in class and you have an OSU soccer shirt on, and somebody’s like, “Oh, you play for the school?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I do,” and (that person says), “Oh, yeah, I’ve been to a couple games,” that makes you feel so good. Stillwater’s just like this own little small community. If you go to these other schools, like OU for example, Norman’s huge, but with Stillwater, it’s like everyone supports OSU athletics. Q. WHAT IS SOME ADVICE THAT YOU KNOW NOW THAT WOULD HAVE GIVEN TO YOUR FRESHMAN SELF? A. I think on the soccer side of things, it goes by so fast, and I know everyone always harps on that, like, “It goes by fast. Enjoy it now.” You can incorporate this with school, too, but I wish I wouldn’t have played like a freshman. I was a little bit scared, hesitant to say stuff. … Just go make the most of it. If you’re acting like you’re a freshman or you kind of act like you’re a little bit younger or timid, like you don’t come out of your shell or whatever, you only have four years, so you might as well go make the most of it. A Stillwater Tradition on Campus Corner! Famous Fried Mushrooms A Stillwater Tradition for 61 years on Campus Corner Spinach Salad 1957 61 2018 The Hideaway Special Homemade Cheesecake ! We Deliver 230 S. Knoblock 405-372-4777 Sun.-Thurs. 11am-10pm Fri.-Sat.11am-11pm INSIDE HIDEAWAY MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:30 AM-4:00 PM 230 S. Knoblock • 405-372-4777 SUN.-THURS. 11am-10pm • FRI.-SAT. 11am-11pm