Stillwater Survival Guide 2018 - Page 6

Q&A with... OSU Soccer Player Jaci Jones Jaci Jones dribbles in open space during a Cowgirls’ home game. J aci Jones, from Mustang, is a junior midfielder on the Oklahoma State soccer team. Q. WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO COME TO OSU? A. My dad went to school here, and ever since I can remember, we had the same season football tickets, and so I’ve just been coming up here my whole entire life. We would go to the basketball games and football games and soccer games. Q. GROWING UP AROUND OSU ATHLETICS LIKE THAT, WHAT’S IT LIKE FOR YOU TO BE AN OSU ATHLETE NOW? A. It was like a dream of mine always to play here. Once I started getting recruited and stuff like that, I was like, “Gosh, do I really want to go there?” and I felt like I should take visits at other places, and then once I committed, I was like, “Come on, I always knew I was meant to be here.” … Whenever I was little, it was like my dream to be a pom girl or cheerleader or something. I had the cheer suit and 6 STILLWATER SURVIVAL GUIDE 101 | 2018 everything, but playing here, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Q. WHEN YOU’RE NOT SPENDING TIME PLAYING SOCCER, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVOR