Stillwater Survival Guide 2018 - Page 18

Q&A with... Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce W ill Joyce, an Oklahoma State University graduate, has served as Stillwater’s mayor since April. Q. WHAT INITIALLY BROUGHT YOU TO STILLWATER? A. I moved here as a kid with my parents, actually, when they came to school at Oklahoma State, so I came here as a 3-year- old. My parents were students at OSU. We lived in married student housing on campus when I moved to Stillwater originally. Q. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO RUN FOR MAYOR? A. I grew up here, went to high school and college here, and then I moved away for about 10 years to go to law school, and when I moved my family back in 2011, (I) just started getting involved in the community, kind of seeing the needs and the opportunities we had here in Stillwater, and I felt like it would be a good fit for me to get involved in city government, city council. I originally ran for city council in 2016 and was elected and served two years before the mayor seat opened up and felt like it was a great move in terms of being 18 STILLWATER SURVIVAL GUIDE 101 | 2018 able to continue a lot of the work I had been doing as part of the council. Q. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES THAT YOU’RE WANTING TO PUT INTO MOTION IN THE COMMUNITY? A. One of the things we talked a lot about in Stillwater and especially the last couple years of my time in the council has been getting Stillwater to the point where we’re making more progress. … We’ve talked about it. We’ve planned for it, but we haven’t made the moves necessary to really see that change happen. Getting our community to a point where we can execute on the plans that we’ve made is really a big priority of mine. Q. WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO GO IN STILLWATER? A. When we first moved back, I had pretty young kids, and so we spent a lot of time at the WONDERtorium, the children’s museum here in town. My family has really loved that place. I was involved in their board for a number of years as well. Really a great place for families and for kids here in Stillwater. Love OSU events, certainly as an alum and someone who’s grown up here. Love going downtown. When I was a student here, there wasn’t a whole lot going on (in) downtown Stillwater, and now there’s so many more opportunities and places to eat and shops. … I’ve been trying to get on my bike more and ride on some of the mountain bike trails out at Lake McMurtry, some new ones out at Lake Carl Blackwell as well, so those are all great facilities for everybody here in Stillwater. Q. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO IS NEW TO THE STILLWATER COMMUNITY AND IS TRYING TO GET MORE INVLOVED? A. There’s lots of opportunities to go find activities. I’d say get on VisitStillwater’s site or the city’s website or talk to folks in town about the kinds of activities that are happening. There’s a lot more that happens here in Stillwater than I think sometimes we realize. See those events. See what’s going on in town. Go attend a few of those things.