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This home at 1013 S. Walnut Street in Stillwater was voted the 2017 winner of the News Press Holiday Lights Contest. C reating impressive and impactful Christmas lights displays doesn’t happen over night. In fact, for the 2016 and 2017 winners of the News Press Holiday Lights Contest, it has taken years of dedication to entice “oohs” and “ahhs” from visitors driving by their Stillwater homes. Terry and Cindee Walton, who live at 1013 S. Walnut Street, present an inviting static display with several handmade pieces. Last year, the words Candy Cane Lane sat high atop a board hung between two tall light poles that lined the sidewalk leading up to the house where Santa and an elf greeted guests. There were no blinking lights, moving parts or music to hear. Instead, there was a beautiful display of red, warm white and white lights running along the entire roofline. The yard was decorated with snowmen, reindeer and numerous Christmas trees. “I do enjoy seeing the cars slow down and stop,” said Terry Walton. “People are enjoying it. That makes it worth the time to do it.” His wife, Cindee, said “Terry puts 100 percent heart and love into the display.” She fondly remembers an elderly couple that lived next door that used to sit in their car drinking hot chocolate on date nights while enjoying the display. “Years ago, a little girl came up and knocked on the door and r e ft a s handed Terry a handmade ornament that said Candy Cane Lane were all smile eet dee Walton tr in S C t d u n ln with a handwritten note that said ‘Thank you for all that you do,’” a a y W rr . Te 13 S ir home at 10 er of n in w 17 Cindee said. “Terry does this solely to put a smile on people’s faces.” 0 2 learning the e was voted th st. te n o C ts h in Stillwater ig ss Holiday L the News Pre Stillwater Style | WINTER 2018 7