Stillwater Style Winter 2018 - Page 25

W e haven’t dusted off the crystal ball in a while, so we figured it’s time to give readers our predictions for 2019. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah right, they probably just had a feature fall through and needed to fill space.” What’re you, psychic? Let’s start locally and move outward. In fact, let’s start with that vacant lot we stare at every day from our office while we’re dreaming of the Ghost of Christmas Events’ past (cough, cough). It’s also known in Stillwater as Block 34. It’s the plot of land just east of the Community Center in downtown Stillwater. Prediction 1 – Ground is going to break on Block 34. We won’t see the full- blown event space that’s been planned since it was first abandoned in 1735, but we will see the ground moving. Things are about to happen in that vacant lot. Moving outward, to the greater downtown area. The downtown merchants have been in a bit of a stalled position since the end of the Business Improvement District and the newly minted Tax Increment Financing District. Prediction 2 – Downtown is going to be popping again. The TIF is going to bring some cool stuff, and the merchants are going to be more proactive in marketing the area. No joke here, we just really need those things to happen. For greater Stillwater we’re sensing a big change taking place, like there’s a disturbance in the Force, but its ramifications might not happen right away. Prediction 3 – Stillwater will reach 50,000 in population. OSU has had a steadily increased population for the last 30 years, and is now hovering just under 50K by a few hundred. If those numbers hold up for the 2020 census, that means Stillwater will be redefined at the federal level. We’re not even sure if we’d be able to call ourselves rural anymore. We may have to buy some new pants and start wearing cufflinks. Moving ever outward, to the state of Oklahoma. Times, they are a changin’. We have a new governor and a lot of new legislators. We can buy regular strength beer in stores. We can smoke weed if we can think up a good enough medical excuse. On average we still lock up more people than any developed nation in the world. But what really makes us tick? It’s how we respond to natural/manmade disasters. Prediction 4 – Fewer earthquakes. For a while it was like, “Hey, oil and gas companies, did you do this?” Oil companies were like, “No, we didn’t do this.” Then we were like, “But, how come it only happens when you’re injecting all this water into the ground. You definitely did this.” They were like, “Well, kind of, but you can’t prove it.” We expect that groundbreaking (no pun intended, seriously) punitive damages from litigation and the millions it will cost will make these companies rethink how liable they want to be. Onto the national scene. A kind- of blue wave flipped the House and everyone wants to know what it means for Donald Trump. What do we think ... Prediction 5 – No one is going to get tired of movies based on comic books. Really, it’s like, why did it take our civilization so long to get this right? You have all these cool, diverse superheroes why not put them in television and movies. • Rent-a-Daughter Services for aging loved ones • Doctor Appointments • Companion Care • Meal Preparation Helen Maxey Agent Cell 918-804-9864 Medicare Specialist FREE QUOTES Dental Cancer Life • Transportation • Medication Reminders • Household Chores Stillwater • 405-780-4006 Insurance for all of us.®