Stillwater Style Winter 2018 - Page 23

When asked why she puts forth such a constant effort to provide ukuleles to school and the community, Koontz said that music is the key to the future. “Music education is so important. I think that all kids need to have art and music in their life because it works all parts of the brain and it helps you grow to be a more rounded person.” Garett Reding, the PAC Director and Tech Theater Teacher at Stillwater High School has witnessed the growth of music education through Koontz’s contribution first hand through the Stillwater High School’s ukulele club. “What people often don’t consider is that for many students who come from homes who cannot afford an instrument or art supplies, school is the only place and time that these kids will be able to be involved in art,” said Reding. Reding has been the sponsor for the high-school’s ukulele club coming up on three years now and he talks about how much of a joy it has been to see it grow as well as see the students involved grow. “Over the past three years the club has become more refined with more vision and purpose. Originally it was just a club where people could come during lunch, hang out, and play their ukuleles. Fast forward to now and our club is learning songs together as a group and performing for the community.” Kami, whose passion for the ukulele has not even begun to slow, says she will continue to raise funds and provide instruments where she sees a need. “Garret is a great guy, in fact I’ve got three ukes sitting right next to me I have for him,” Koontz said with a laugh. “Kami and other like–minded people who are getting instruments into schools are such a tremendous blessing to our students,” Reding said, “they are taking the stand to not allow declining school budgets and the finances at our students’ home life to ever get in the way or be an excuse not to be able to learn an instrument, express oneself, and to experience the true joy and sense of accomplishment one has while playing music.” h h h h A s e i g r Alle Cold? Flu? Allergies? Rx Transfers? “For Whatever Ails You” WE CAN HELP YOU! COMPOUNDING SERVICES AVAILABLE! EXPIRED MEDICINE DROP BOX NOW LOCATED INSIDE STORE 1518 W. 9th Ave. | 405.377.4445 | M-F 8-7 • Sat. 9-2