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Taekwondo Master Brett Jackson with Chuck Norris I guess just kept doing all I could do. I have to give it all to Mr. Hwang. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have met all these people. Bruce Lee came to work with him when he first came over. “Chuck Norris is amazing. But he would regularly come to work with Mr. Hwang from Texas. During his movies, even in the middle of a movie he’s filming, he’d come out to Oklahoma City and go. Mr. Hwang made sure I was there to spar with him and let him beat me up. I’ve just been blessed, I guess. Maybe I just had the right attitude, I don’t know. A lot of these guys, I didn’t know how famous they were … I didn’t even know who they were. He wouldn’t tell me who was coming, but it was always a pleasant surprise.” Jackson also got to be in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show from the 1980s, as he was friends with Ernie Reyes Jr., who portrayed Donatello. Jackson played one of the bad guys who would get beat up by the Turtles. know someone that’s hard to buy for? give the gift of ‘cue For every $25 gift card you buy, you get a bonus $5 gift card. 103 S. Perkins Rd 405-372-1900 Stillwater location only KILLING GERMS. SAVING LIVES. Our top priority has always been excellent patient care and the Xenex® Germ-Zapping Robots will ensure that you are being cared for in the cleanest environment possible. S TILLWATERMEDIC AL.COM Stillwater Style | WINTER 2018 17