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D r. Robert Breedlove was quite the mibster in his youth. From age 8 until his mid-teens, the now 71-year-old Stillwater resident could often be found playing games with marbles. “Marbles were fairly popular back in my day,” Breedlove said. “Playing games with your buddies was pretty popular too.” The most common game Breedlove played was Ringer, which is still played in tournaments today. Ringer is a two-person game played in a circle – often 5 to 10 feet in diameter – with 13 marbles arranged in the center in the shape of an addition sign. The player who shoots the most marbles out of the ring is the winner. Marbles typically get their names based on what they are made of, used for or look like. Aggies are made from agate, a type of stone. “Agates were the prized ones,” Breedlove said. “The agates were a few dollars a piece but those were back in the days when a Coke was a nickel.” Bumblebee marbles are striped in yellow and black. A sulphide is a glass marble that contains a figure in its core like an animal or person. A mibster – which Breedlove certainly was – is the term used for someone who plays games with marbles. His boyhood collecting of roughly 1,000 marbles includes cat-eyes, agates, clearies, shooters, log rollers and many typical multi-colored marbles. “I vividly remember, as a youth, our spirited marble games of holes, or shooting marbles out of the ground-drawn circle, and, thus, being able to claim the loose marbles, thanks to my skillful (or lucky?) shooting abilities,” Breedlove wrote in a column for the News Press. “Wow, those were certainly fun-filled outside days way back then!” The Art of Remembering • Monuments • Mausoleums • Veteran’s Memorials • Commemorative Plaques • Granite Signs • Pet Markers • In-House Design Artists • In-House Laser Etchings MONUMENTS 302 E. 6th Ave. • Stillwater 405-372-2127 Stillwater Style | WINTER 2018 11