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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 Life cowboy country. 580.628.6900 Join us for a taste of Mexico! THIRTEEN This 2003 film has been called an “indie powerhouse” that helped launch the careers of director Catherine Hardwicke and actors Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed. Hardwick and Reed would go on to lose some of their indie-cred when they became associated with the “Twilight” movies, but that’s another story. This film is a graphic look at how intense early teen friendships can be and the consequences they can have. It was co-written by a teenage Reed, showing a depth of talent she doesn’t usually get credit for. The teenage Evan Rachel Wood, who would later go on to fame for starring in a variety of roles in independent films as well as a genuinely disturbing video with former boyfriend Marylin Manson, before taking star roles in “True Blood” and “Westworld”, displays a precocious talent that is riveting to watch. Her character’s relationship with her mother, as played by the always interesting and watchable Holly Hunter, will make anyone with a teenage daughter break out in hives. Hunter was nominated for an Oscar for her role. Wo rk har d in Com fort 372-2665 1919 N. Perkins Rd. 405-533-3566 I f yo u h ave a ro o m t h at i s wa r m e r o r co o l e r t h a n t h e re st o f yo u r h o m e o r h ave co nve r te d a n ew s p a c e ( l i ke a wo r k s h o p ) , C a r r i e r D u c t l e s s h e aa n g a n d co o l i n g syste m s ca n g i ve yo u co mfo r t yo u l o n g fo r- - effi c i e nt l y a n d q u i et l y. don’t forget your Spring tune-up! 1907 W. M cM ur tr y R d Still water OK # 75951 30 Stillwater Style | SPRING 2019 405-372 -COOL