Stillwater Style Spring 2019 - Page 28

Coming of Age F I L M S S pring is the time of rebirth, with that in mind we thought we’d select five Coming of Age films. While it isn’t a specific genre, it’s a type of subgenre of drama or comedy that focus on young men or women and the external or internal struggles that come with the journey toward adulthood. You have the hits like “Sixteen Candles,” “Dead Poets Society” and the “Breakfast Club,” so we’ll try and focus on some things you may not have seen. EIGHTH GRADE Don’t allow this critical darling to fall through the cracks because it isn’t a blockbuster. It didn’t hit all of the area cinemas for extended runs but it is available on streaming services. Though it is the debut directing effort of comedian Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade is not a comedy. It is instead one of the most authentic portrayals of pubescent angst ever devoted to film. Elsie Fisher is phenomenal as Kayla, a girl struggling with confidence in a world that increasingly demands its projection. This is so much more than “middle school stinks.” CITY OF GOD (Portuguese) “City of God” or “Cidade de Deus” is a beautifully tragic and gritty film where Rio de Janeiro is as much of a character in the film as the two young men who are its subjects. Two characters grow up friends in the same neighborhood, which is increasingly becoming more unstable in the drug trade. We see a wide divergence as one uses violence to rise through a gang and the other looks for a way out. It is in large part a crime thriller but it also ties together rich characters to weave through multiple narratives. 28 Stillwater Style | SPRING 2019