Stillwater Style Spring 2019 - Page 26

Workout at Home Physical Fitness Is In the Cards STORY BY KIERAN STECKLEY | STILLWATER STYLE W orking out can be an expensive endeavor.  Around Stillwater, the average going rate for a gym membership is about $40 a month. Some are a little more expensive or cheaper, but that’s a good number to expect. And that’s not including the cost of workout clothes, shoes and supplements.   It can add up. If a gym membership is too much for your wallet or you feel more comfortable with physical exertion in the privacy of your own home, there is hope. All you need is a deck of playing cards.  The deck of cards workout is simple, yet grueling. The parameters are simple. Each suit has its own exercise and the amount of reps is dictated by the number on the card. Simply do the exercise associated with the suit the amount of times equal to the number on the card.  The break down goes as such: 26 Stillwater Style | SPRING 2019 DIAMONDS Squat Jumps HEARTS Burpees SPADES Sit Ups CLUBS Push Ups NUMBER ON THE CARD EQUALS NUMBER OF REPS JACKS - 12 Reps QUEENS - 15 Reps KINGS - 20 Reps ACES - 25 Reps