Stillwater Style Spring 2019 - Page 21

Wagyu Chuck and Sirloin steaks for $20 a pound and his Wagyu strip loins for $35 a pound. Secrest also raises Aberdeen cattle, originally a Scottish breed, that does well on grass and produces a lean, flavorful meat. He says the fat content for his grass-finished beef is about 95/5. The prices for his grass-finished beef are $15 a pound for sirloin and $20 a pound for ribeye. He also offers ground beef, beef breakfast sausage and hand-made beef bratwurst. Secrest says in addition to running his stand and his bratwurst cart at the Stillwater Farmers Market he wants to grow his online business, which allows people to place orders and arrange for convenient home delivery in the Stillwater area. Although he has plans to attend Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business after high school graduation, possibly to pursue a degree in finance, he sees Payne County Beef Co. being a long-term business. “It never hurts to understand your money,” Secrest said.