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A Kuroushi or Japanese Black Wagyu calf, just a few days old, rests in the hay at Jaxton Secrest’s family home. Secrest raises the Kuroushi or Japanese Black Wagyu cattle, which are renowned for their intense marbling. His Kuroushi stay on grass for 90 percent of their lives and are then finished on honey grain for a milder flavor and more intramuscular fat, which contributes flavor and tenderness. He says the fat content for his Wagyu beef is about 80/20. Although the meat has a high fat content, according to a review published in the Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources, multiple studies have shown it to contain a higher proportion of unsaturated fats thanks to higher levels of oleic acid, a fatty acid that gives Wagyu fat a lower melting point and means it doesn’t raise LDL or “bad” cholesterol as much as other types of beef. U.S. raised Wagyu starts at about half the cost of Kobe beef but Secrest sells his PLAN YOUR ESCAPE FLY SWO TO THE WORLD 3 ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS TO & FROM STILLWATER (SWO) & DFW 6 DAYS A WEEK STARTING MAY 3 ON Stillwater Regional Airport Stillwater Style | SPRING 2019 19