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T hey expected to stay busy in retirement, maybe not this busy. They still love it, though. Volunteering at Our Daily Bread Food & Resource Center came pretty naturally to both Kyle Lewis and Jim Vandergrift. Lewis was already helping out at the First Methodist Church food pantry when Our Daily Bread consolidated the efforts into one place. “This is three food pantries combined,” said Lewis. “Our food pantry had the retail recovery and on Fridays we had to offload it by hand and weigh each box. When that went away Becky (Taylor) and Kathy Sandefur, who was the volunteer coordinator at the time, hit me up to work as a warehouse manager at the time. That’s morphed into something else since we have a full-time manager now.” Vandergrift has been at Our Daily Bread a little over a year. “Three months after they opened, Kyle wanted me to come down and look over the place because I’m a retired safety guy. I made some suggestions,” Vandegrift said. “He asked me what I was doing on my days off, I said, ‘nothing,’ so Tuesdays and Wednesday I volunteer here.” “Jim and I worked together for 20 some odd years, known each other for 30. I started when it opened,” Lewis said. “Three days a week mainly in the warehouse, receiving the retail recovery and then on Tuesdays we have big truck that we unload from the food bank.” “Since my mobile license was still valid I kind of took advantage of that and started driving the forklift,” Vandegrift said. Lewis and Vandegrift both said they enjoy the fact that they get to work behind the scenes and still help people. It’s been a rewarding, enlightening experience. “This place was set up to service 550 families and we average over 900. At our food bank I was never there during the distribution – to see how many families we service, just Payne County – for us to break 1,000 families on certain months, that number of people, that’s just family units, it could easily be 3,500 people. I think it’s what we’re supposed to do,” Lewis said. “If they’re hungry, no-one ever leaves without food. We have emergency sacks we give people if the shopping is not open at the time.” Vandegrift said he learned something about the human condition, that he may have known, but didn’t always see first- hand examples. “I learned you can’t judge a book by its cover. There are people standing in line out there that look like they shouldn’t be, but everybody has a story,” he said. “When they need help, they get help.” “I think this is what we’re supposed to do in a community,” Lewis said. “It is a volunteer job, but I still feel guilty if I go on vacation and leave Kyle to do the work,” Vandegrift said. “I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy the camaraderie. It’s fun.” “We’re here because we care.” • 24 Hour • sPeecH THeraPy nurSing Care • HousekeePing • PHysical THeraPy • engaging acTiviTies • occuPaTional THeraPy Westhaven nurSing & rehab Center 1215 S. WeStern • StillWater • 405-743-1140 At Furniture Showcase, we are happy to offer complimentary design service. Our designers can assist you in transforming your home into a space that reflects your personal style. Call us or stop by today to make an appointment with a designer. 424 S. MAIN, STILLWATER CORNER OF 5TH & MAIN 405-624-3212 Stillwater Style | SPRING 2019 13