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Trouble sleeping? Z Z Z Your device is not helping... According to the National Sleep Foun- dation, using a computer or electronic device before bed can make it hard to fall asleep. Studies have shown that even small electronic devices like smartphones can emit enough light to confuse the brain. Photoreceptors in the retina sense light and dark, helping to align circadian rhythms to the external day-night cycle. The sig- nals these receptors send to the brain help people be alert in the morning and fall asleep at night. But using de- vices such as smartphones, tablets or laptop computers before bed can mis- cue the brain and promote wakeful- ness at a time when the body should be falling asleep. Men and women who like to read before going to bed can increase their chances of getting a good night’s sleep by reading print books or print editions of magazines or newspapers rather than e-readers or tablets. Creating a State of Health • Immunizations • HIV Testing & Counseling • Flu Shots • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) • Family Planning • Children First Program • Consumer Protection • Guidance Services • Health Education • Communicable Disease Control • Soonerstart Payne County Health Department 1321 West Seventh / Stillwater / 405-372-8200 1026 North Linwood / Cushing / 918-225-3377 FALL 2017 | MEDICAL D IRECTORY 37