Stillwater Bridal Showcase January 2019 - Page 6

T Cut Flowers he choice for Wedding flowers are often predicated by longevity, color and cost. Choosing flowers wisely for wedding centerpieces or bouquets can help couples enjoy their selected flowers for sometimes weeks. BRIDAL SHOW DISCOUNT 10% OFF FOR BRIDES WHO BOOK BY MARCH 1 “Far and away the longest vased life flower is a carnation,” according ` & More in downtown to Bonnie Hammond of Flourishes Flowers Decor Stillwater. Carnations come in a multitude of colors, are durable and affordable. “Probably the most requested flower is a rose,” says Hammond. Roses are classically appropriate for any wedding and are available year around in a variety of colors. Roses, however, are among the priciest flowers. Orchids also fall into that pricey category and come in many colors. Orchids can be used as a stem or a single bloom. They’re also great for corsages. The peony is a beloved flower for wedding bouquets. They are known for their intense pink and lavender color and their fluffiness. Hydrangeas are colorful and large and help take up a lot of space in centerpieces. Calla Lilies are chic for a wedding. The most popular color is cream but they are also available in other colors including plum and orange. Flowers last longer if the vase water is kept clean and kept away from windows and heat. Hammond says if properly processed (at the florist) and maintained (daily watering) by the customer, most flowers should last at least ten days. 6 - Stillwater Bridal Showcase 2019 580-541-8102 WWW.SARAHDONAHUEPHOTO.COM