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Mr. Stemm receives a professional beard trim from Aaron, EVERYMAN barber. Y Facial Hair and the Modern Groom ears ago it was considered a horrible faux pas for grooms to ignore the razor on their wedding day, however this is definitely not the case today for the modern groom. Men’s facial hair has become a fashion accessory and signature feature for many men. A groom does not have to give up their look, and possible months of hard work growing it, for their wedding day. This is not to say that grooms should not do any grooming for their special day, just that there are options Some advice for grooms from Bryson Baker, Co-founder of EVERYMAN in downtown Stillwater, “It’s not so much about facial hair or no facial hair, it’s about having really good hygiene. There is a right way to take care of your facial hair at any length, and it’s dependent on you.” Facial hair is not much different from the hair on your head. It needs maintained to put your best face forward. This is where the professionals come in to set you and keep you on the right path. “Every gent has a different face shape, and a good barber knows where to keep your lines and what products to use to keep you looking your best. So, foster that relationship with your barber and rely on their expertise,” Baker explains. • Tuxedos, Suits, Groomsmen Gifts • Wedding Day Services • On Site Barbering Make a $20 Deposit & Be Entered to Win Free Tuxedos or Suits for Your Entire Party To shave or not to shave for a groom’s big day is no longer the question. A modern groom can make their own decision in regards to their personal opinion, and of course their bride’s opinion. “The only time I draw a line is when somebody isn’t exercising good beard care. In that case, clean shaven is a fail safe,” Baker said. 10 - Stillwater Bridal Showcase 2019 713 S. MAIN ST. 405.332.5563