STG Statement of Qualifications May 2014 - Page 9

STGINCORPOR ATED.COM DOING IT WELL When you choose STG, you’re choosing a team that self-performs approximately 95% of its contracted work. Our crews have a nearly perfect balance of niche and complementary skills. For clients, this means we can send fewer, concentrated personnel to get the job done. POWER GENERATION CONSTRUCTION CIVIL CONSTRUCTION STG has installed more than 20 diesel power generation facilities ranging in generation capacity from 100 kW to 1,500 kW. In rural Alaska roads may be made of ice, bridges are replaced by steel boardwalks, and mooring points outnumber canals. CRANE SERVICES FIELD SAFETY From versatile all-terrain cranes to the largest crane in the state, STG’s sophisticated crane fleet caters to a variety of industries, including telecommunications, construction, and energy. Year after year, construction labor lands among the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country. It’s our responsibility to make sure that crews get home in the same (or better) condition as when they clocked in. 9