STG Statement of Qualifications May 2014 - Page 8

8 STGINCORPOR ATED.COM GETTING IT DONE We actively cross-train our field crews, making us a veritable one-stop shop for clients. Getting equipment, materials, and personnel out to rural Alaska isn’t easy or cheap. Our multi-talented crews enable us to operate more efficiently, saving clients time and money without sacrificing quality. PILE FOUNDATION INSTALLATION COMMUNICATION TOWER CONSTRUCTION Building on permafrost, sand, and silt requires extensive foundation work to ensure a strong start for a stable structure. From tower foundation to installation to maintenance, STG is an all-in-one solution for microwave and wireless telecommunications infrastructure. BULK FUEL SYSTEM INSTALLATION WIND TURBINE INSTALLATION STG has been entrusted to construct more than 40 bulk fuel systems across the Arctic and Western Alaska. STG has installed 80% of all community-scale wind turbines in Alaska, which can help off-set expensive fuel costs.