STG Statement of Qualifications May 2014 - Page 21

STGINCORPOR ATED.COM 21 SERVICES • Erosion control • Mooring point installation • Bridge and walkway construction • Ice and snow road construction • Demolition • Drilling and blasting PROJECT SPOTLIGHT Tuntutuliak Elevated Boardwalk The Yup’ik native village of Tuntutuliak is almost completely surrounded by water. Before 2008, everyday travel to the school or health clinic was a challenge for the village’s 400 residents. Scattered streams and lakes set between patches of wetlands made conventional paved streets an impractical solution. Instead, the Alaska Department of Transportation commissioned the construction of a nearly mile-long elevated boardwalk connecting the village to the airport. To preserve the delicate ecosystem, STG built the structure during the winter atop frozen tundra when the ground is more stable. Made up of 380 driven piles, 800,000 pounds of galvanized structural steel, and 1.4 million pounds of treated timbers, the serpentine boardwalk is the largest one of its kind in the entire state and serves as a model for other remote communities. The entire project was completed in just five short months. Above: Sheet pile wall | Drift River 2012 Below: Elevated boardwalk | Tuntutuliak 2008