STG Statement of Qualifications May 2014 - Page 13

STGINCORPOR ATED.COM 13 SERVICES • Constructability consultation • Microwave tower, foundation, and antenna installation • Wireless monopile foundation and installation • Remote module and repeater installation • Waveguide, antenna, and ice shield installation • Wireless hardware installation • Fiber optic support installation • Tower maintenance PROJECT SPOTLIGHT GCI TERRA Northwest Phases I & II Between spring 2012 and summer 2013, STG installed six remote repeaters and three new microwave towers in Western Alaska. Building on the success of the 40-site broadband microwave DeltaNet project STG completed in 2008, this new hybrid fiber-optic and microwave network now connects Grayling to Unalakleet, Unalakleet to Shaktoolik, and Shaktoolik to Nome. From barges to planes and cranes to helicopters, we know the importance of getting the right equipment to the right place at the right time. STG managed the transport of shelters, fuel tanks, battery banks, and tower sections to remote staging areas in Golovin, Baldwin, Solomon, and Koyuk. To expedite installation, STG brought in one of the most capable pieces of heavy lift equipment on the planet—Erickson’s Air-Crane. Top: Setting tower | Gill 2013 Bottom: Setting module | Gill 2013